Hi, I’m Tracey. I’m so glad you’ve dropped by. Take a deep breath into your belly and enjoy the delicious pause. Go on, I dare you!
Like you, I’m passionate about wellness and living in balance. After spending years supporting people with their health as an acupuncturist, and massage therapist, I transitioned into sourcing and supplying a magnesium brand for 8 years.
Aroma Patches are a natural transition for me as a body worker because I understand the importance of harnessing all of the senses to support full body balance. There is not like our essential oil patches ideal for experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy.
Every product or service that I offer is deeply researched and tested. And these precious Aroma Patches have exceeded all of my expectations.
The idea of getting these patches into the hands of as many people as possible fills me with excitement. Used by thousands around the world, it’s time for Australians to enjoy their impact.
Aroma Patches - They really are a breath of fresh air!