A Breath of Fresh Air

Unless you’ve been hiding under a big smoothie bowl for the past couple of years, you will have heard about the recent essential oil revolution. And for good reason. Essential oils are a powerful and useful tool for your home first aid kit. Essential oils, extracted from plants, have numerous benefits both physically and mentally. Effective use of oils includes topical application and inhaling their aromas. Smelling or breathing in essential oils is known as Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries and has a dynamic effect on the mind and body. For instance, where does your mind go when you breathe in that first mandarin of the season? A happy, energetic moment of your childhood? How about the smell of Lavender? Does it transport you to a place of calm and balance? Aromatherapy is so powerful and can support emotions and physical balance at any point in your life.

Aroma Patches deliver aromatherapy via a small, portable, easy to use product that you can whip out anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about sensitive skin either - Aroma Patches are dermatologically tested. The oil doesn’t come into contact with your skin; instead, it remains in the patch reservoir so it wafts directly into your nose, bringing you its best, pure benefits.


The Aroma Patches were designed with the intent of improving health and wellness for people around the world. Furthermore, it was founded with the idea of improving the way that essential oils and other plant-based oils are used through inhalation.