Breathe Free Inhalation Patch
Breathe Free Inhalation Patch
Breathe Free Inhalation Patch

Breathe Free Inhalation Patch

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Catching a cold or flu happens to the best of us. Sometimes, the inconvenience of the symptoms can be worse than the cold or flu itself! 

Shortness of breath, blocked or runny nose, disturbed sleep... you name it. These symptoms happen to all of us. Sometimes it feels hard to soldier on without support.

But why suffer unnecessarily? The Breathe Free Inhalation patch is designed to offer gentle support in the way of tiny little oil molecules that can be easily inhaled while you get on with your day. No-one even has to know that you're wearing it. Pop it under your collar and continue with your day, all the while, breathing in the soothing goodness of the oils.

Bursting with fresh, crisp and clean, camphoraceous scents, the Breathe Free Patch clears and invigorate the chest and nasal patches with eucalyptus, peppermint and bay laurel.

Eucalypus, in particular, is a powerful support for respiratory issues and peppermint has been scientifically proven to relax bronchial muscles and increase ventilation. A potent combination to enhance breathing.

The patches are also good for settling the little ones during those often sleep-deprived, cold and flu nights. 

Colds and flus are often a signal to rest, but sometimes it's impossible. This patch is a friend in your pocket so that you don't have to suffer or suffocate!


100% pure Eucalyptus Radiata, Peppermint and Bay Laurel essential oils.

Reference: "The effects of peppermint on exercise performance." - Meamarbashi & Rajabi, 2013.


Aroma Patches are inhalation only. They safely deliver the oil to you via aromatherapy. No essential oils touch the skin due to our occlusive barrier. Each patch lasts for 6-8 hours via a time-release design. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. We use 100% natural, clinical grade essential oils for therapeutic effect. Shelf life is one year from date of manufacture.